Sunday, March 1, 2009

Missoni Love

I found my favorite show this season. Missoni.
Everything is so cosy, beautiful and feminine. 
Everything about the look appeals to me personally.
The colors are great - perfect for me!
I love the layering of different textures. 
I'll be wearing multiple hand knits this fall for sure!
I love the dramatic swing of the dangling scarves.
I've been smitten by Rodarte for a while now, but this take on large open lace is even more appealing. Certainly more wearable for "everyday".
And I love the cowl inspiration. 
This looks sort of like a mobius, but not. 
The best I can tell, it's knit flat with one end seamed to a side, but what's going on with the other end? Is this more of a hood than we can see?


erngrn said...

i have been sitting on my couch for the last 30 minutes trying to figure out waht i wanted to knit next and your blog AND missoni gave me the inspiration to knit a new spring slouchy swishy cowl!!

shansays said...

Hmm, it's more like a moebius wrap of sorts. I bet it could also be worn as a poncho/ shawlette.

What I like is that they are working long undies down the runway. I think all models should wear Le Slouch, long underwear, and a moebius poncho. Fashion at it's finest.

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