Friday, March 13, 2009

First Hand Dyed Yarn

1 skein of Lion Brand Collection Super-wash Merino DK.
I used my yarn swift at its biggest setting to unwind the skein of yarn into a BIG hank.
Dyed using Jacquard Acid Dyes; Sage (green) & Perwinkle (blue) & 6 packets of Grape Koolaid.
I used these instructions from Dhartma Trading.  It was so easy, and I am so delighted with my results that I know I will be dying and over dying yarn again. 


erngrn said...

oh it looks so pretty!!

Valerie said...

Wow that's really beautiful. What was the color of the LB Superwash that you started with?

Grace said...

I used the off/white color LB Superwash. I have another skein in the light denim that I might over dye as well. It takes acid dye like a dream!

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