Thursday, November 6, 2008

Current WIP

I am so so so very happy about the results of the election!
But so is everyone and there is knitterly stuff to talk about so I'll skip it.
First, some obligatory Rhinebeck pics. I mostly took pictures of the animals because my hands were otherwise occupied in the yarn barns:

happy sheep
pretty trees
Nishanna, Shannon, Me, and Laura

It was mad fun. I wish it had lasted longer. We'd been planning that trip since our knitting group started meeting last December. I didn't go crazy with the purchases... I made it out of there with 1000 yards of Mohair, 3 skeins of fingering weight merino, 1.5 oz of roving (BUT I DON'T SPIN!!), a leather handle, a bag of Maple cotton candy and $15 worth of goat cheese. We went to the Ravelry party afterwards & met up with some of our other Brooklyn friends, made some knew acquaintances and ate Bob cupcakes. I also stalked a version of my current WIP....

My Current Wip:

I'm working on the Cable Luxe Tunic from Lion Brand. This is the yoke. I knit 19 repeats which gave me 45" unblocked, 53" blocked. Ripped back 2 repeats to get to the necessary 47" (size M). BUT - as much as this looks like the pattern picture, it bothers me that it doesn't look like the cable used on the yoke of the maxi version. This version has a right/left. The maxi version is more symmetrical. This bothers me more than it should and I'm contemplating starting over again. Gggrrrrrr! If I do start over, I could start with a provisional cast on and graft the center back seams together.... knitting buddy Eve's suggestion. What would you do?


erngrn said...

rhinebeck looked like so much fun! i wish i could have made it out there.

erngrn said...

re: chopstickbusinesscard :

its kind of something you wouldn't really be able to guess if you didn't know us so its a silly one to have people guess, my mom called it (surprise surprise). Its "me".

Sally HP said...

This is going to be my first knit-along...and my first adult piece of clothing, so I'm making it for myself ;)...I'll be looking back to your blog as well as the knit=along...thanks for posting a picture so quickly!

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