Saturday, November 22, 2008


Originally uploaded by wzrdreams
Yup, I like the second version better (on the right).
My plan was to graft the CB seam together, but that turned out to be confusing and beyond my skills, so I cast off the end and used the tail at the beginning to graft the provisional CO live stitches to the bound off edge. It's neat enough and the seam isn't bulky or ugly. Why didn't I take a picture of that? Oh well.... later.

Now I have to pick up the garter yoke stitches. I'm not especially looking forward to it. I've tried a few times already with unsatisfactory results.... but it's the weekend so I'm going to dedicate some quiet attention to it.


cl said...

Cute! The second cable DOES look better. More luxe!

knottyknitpicks said...

i was staring at this picture trying to figure out why the one on the right looks better. it's really subtle but i like it a lot!

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