Friday, October 17, 2008

Quick and Catch Up

I can't believe Rhinebeck is tomorrow! I also can't believe I haven't blogged in a while since I've been quite knitterly lately. I'll blame it on my lack of decent pictures. In any case, I hope to have a whole lot of sheep and wooly goodness to share the next time I post so I'd better cover a least some of what September was all about.

I knit some socks for the BF's birthday. Started on Labor day when my college roommate and her BF were in town. This is trekking XXL. I think it was actually the first skein of sock yarn I ever bought, and it's definitely the most masculine. I slipped a pair of vintage cuff links (found at the Brooklyn Flea) into each toe and sewed up a quick little silk gift bag to deliver it all in. Sadly, this is the only picture I have.

I spent a few weekends making variations of spinach quiche. My favorite was this one with mushrooms, ham, mozzarella, cheddar and a sweet potato frie crust. Yuuummmy. I am now on a cheese diet that I will gleefully break at Rhinebeck if there is any tasty goat cheese.

I took off of work on my birthday and met the BF up at the Guggenheim. We saw the Bourgeois exhibit. (I think her art falls into the art as therapy variety.) Then we headed over to central park and relaxed until the sun started to disappear. We could see leaves here and there had turned brown and where falling. I started a new sweater..... Stephanie Japel's Spicy Fitted V Neck (more on that later when I get decent pictures.)

And then there was Stitch in Pitch. My BF came along and took this wonderful photo of me and some of my knitting group. From Left to Right: Me, Shannon, and Laura. I'm tinking back stitches on the SFVNECK because the pattern requires patience and understanding. Laura waswearing her lovely Arwen cardigan and Shan was making headway on her February Lady sweater. We stuck it out through an hour of rain before heading home. The BF stayed and watched the Mets win in the ninth inning.
These girls and I along with a few fabulous others in our knittin group will all be up at Rhinebeck tomorrow. I hope I spot some of my favorite bloggers there. If you spot me, do say hello. I think I'll be wearing this:

Possible with a green Foliage beret and a grey cardigan that is not Linden.

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Michelle said...

I love how the Internet makes the world seem so small. A dear friend of mine is up there for Rhinebeck, as he is every year. He has longish, dark brown, wavy/curly hair, and he'll be wearing a kilt and a t-shirt with some snarky saying or an Aran sweater that he knit. Of course, looking for him will be like looking for water at Niagra Falls...!

Have fun at Rhinebeck, while some of us plug away in Texas!

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