Friday, May 8, 2009

Experiment / Excercise

So, my friend and I have a started doing this thing were (all done over IMs) we pick a picture out of the inter-web and then we spend a little time drawing it and when time is up (whenever that is) we show each other what we've done. We compare and talk about it a bit and it's a nice way to end the evening (it's better for the brain/eyes than watching the Colbert Report until midnight anyway). So far, we've only done something like 6 sketches. My sketches are usually completed first (I bore easily.... yet I am easily amused) and I spend a ridiculous amount of time snapping pics and uploading (must get scanner out) while my friend finishes. Anyway, he suggested that I post the latest one to my blog (but I doubt he reads....).... and since a few of my internet friends have also mentioned that they liked my watercolors from a WHILE ago, I thought I should try to add this medium to my restless over-sharing.

1 comment:

Sinje Ollen said...

I love that idea! So much better than watching TV... Very nice sketch, too. :-)

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