Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wiksten Skirt

Sewing Success!
The pattern is the "tulip Skirt" from the premiere issue of Stitches magazine. It's designed by Jenny Gordy of Wiksten Made. Jenny posted some helpful corrections on her blog and when I emailed her with a construction question she got back to me right away. Thanks Jenny!

Modifications: (a) I made the largest size and I lengthened it by 1 3/4".
(b) Since I like my seams to be nice and tidy on the inside, and since I don't have a serger, I tested out a french seam (too bulky and didn't press well) and a flat felled side seam. I really like the way the flat felled seam looks in the linen, and it lies very flat so that's what I went with.

Top stitched hems.

Mussel shell buttons.
I picked these out at a store around the corner from MJ Trim. I like MJ, but their button selection isn't really the best or biggest.... MJ just has the nicest store. I don't want to give them my business just because they are so well known and have slick store, so I always try to check out other stores in the garment district. You can usually find even better prices and comparable selection if you look around.

I love my automatic button hole maker.
I always test it out before hand to practice getting the placement right.

I think I did pretty good on this test.

Here is the finished skirt.
I wore it in Friday, which was a gorgeous day here in NYC. I met up with some of my knitting friends in Bryant Park at lunch and I got one of them to snap this picture. This skirt is very comfortable and easy to wear. I think I'll make this pattern again, but I might eliminate the waist ties and add a button to the waistband instead. This version was has a hook and eye at the front waistband, which is a little awkward for my taste. Over all, I am delighted with this skirt. I love it when sewing projects go this well. It is so reassuring and motivating.

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erngrn said...

that skirt looks awesome! wish i could read sewing patterns.

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