Monday, August 10, 2015

Flying Geese - Cotton and Steel - A Friendship Quilt

This quilt was made for a friend this past winter/spring. 
She was furnishing a new apartment and I know a good excuse when I see one.  

Sofa sized.
The fabric is from a kit I bought on craftsy, although the pattern can be acquired for free on the Cotton and Steel website. 

The original layout
I changed the design a lot because with the limited palette I thought the design was a bit boring.
I'm starting to see that I like the limitations of a kit but like to change up the design.


I am very proud of my points. 


The obligatory wrap myself in awesomeness 

Quilted as usual by the lovely Linda Lovett. 


Crab and Bee said...

What a beautiful quilt! I especially love that block with the striped triangles that partly disappear into the background.

How did you come across the long-arm quilting service you use? I've considered that trying that myself if I make another quilt because machine quilting is so strenuous/tedious, but wasn't sure how to find a good one!

Grace said...

Hi Morgan! I literally googled "Longarm Quilting" and found Linda Lovett pretty quick. I couldn't recommend her more but she is deathly allergic to cats (I don't have any kitties **sad face**). I say give a longarmer a try on a larger quilt. It saves so much time and looks so good! I only hand quilt baby quilts now, but that's more to do with not wanting my longarmer to have go through all the set up hassle for a smaller quilt (they charge by the square inch). I still sew my quilt bindings by hand, so I get some nice hand finishing time in on them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that it so gorgeous! What an awesome gift! Your friend is lucky!

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