Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Bright and Rosy Baby Quilt

I'm usually a selfish seamstress, but I think I might be a generous quilter.

This cheerful quilt was just mailed off to it's new home and should arrive the day before this post goes up.


Not the final label
As soon as I heard that my cousin and his wife are expecting their first child (a girl!) I knew I had to make them a baby quilt. I had 2 charm packs of Heather Ross' Briar Rose in my stash just waiting for a baby to pop up on the horizon. I couldn't be more thrilled at this chance to use this sweet fabric.

Even though I don't have space for a design wall there was a placement plan for the pinwheel blocks, at first.
After much obsessing, the colors were evenly dispersed and there were no same fabrics in too close proximity. That all went to heck the first row stitched together. I futzed with every row thereafter in reaction to the chaos, and eventually accepted that I really had no control over the outcome. 

Luckily, it turned out darling, and even thought there is an area that swings more concentrated a white contrast, I am pleased with the overall movement and color placement. This is a happy quilt.


I hand stitched all the quilting lines with 2 strands of variegated DMC embroidery floss. It was what I had lying around and I was happy to use stash materials. The colors are not consistent across the entire quilt, but they are all complementary to the color scheme.

Congratulations Nate and Amanda!


Alicia Celeste said...

As someone who has received a quilt from you, I know they were probably shocked, awed, and honored to receive this for their baby girl.

And it's gorgeous, of course, but my favorite part is picturing you just waiting to get news that someone quilt-worthy is knocked up so you can use your darling pieces! You are seriously too generous with your time and skill, but I'm not complainin'!

Congrats to your family's new addition! :)

Grace said...

Thanks Ali! I kinda love making and gifting quilts. It feels so good and expressive. I just found out another cousin is knocked up (a boy this time) so I may need to start another one soon!

Anonymous said...

This is so pretty! I love the fabric- I made a little dress for the neighbor kid with the pink and green. So cute! I need to start making quilts as I have a bunch of babies to make gifts for soon! Thanks for the inspiration!

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