Friday, October 21, 2011


I haven't made a halloween costume in years. Previous costume attempts included a generic tunic used for grecian party and a fairy (of sorts) for halloween, and a pirate costume cobbled together from my first corset attempt. I have stashes of historic costume patterns and I could love any terrible movie or show as long as the costumes are amazing. (Boardwalk empire is my current favorite). I love the idea of making costumes, but unless I have a reason to make them, I don't. This year I let the Burdastyle/Bernina Halloween costume contest pass me by again. But then yesterday my company annownced it's own "Hant Couture" halloween costume contest. The deadline is week from now, and I don't even need to take pictures to upload them. Well, inspiration struck me immediately and I then went out a lunch to source fabrics. Here are some of my inspiration pics.

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