Friday, October 15, 2010

Super Nova Scotia Wedding

Back in the beginning of September, I went to Nova Scotia for my dear friend Amber's wedding. I had an absolute BLAST. I'll just share a few of the highlights that I actually have pictures of.
There was ocean views outside of the cottage I stayed in.

There was dockside yoga every morning (including the morning of the hurricane that knocked the power out for all of the day before the wedding), a candle lit rehearsal dinner, and tipsy mid-night photo sessions on the eve of the hurricane with new friends who were totally game when I suggested that we pretend we are dead!
The highlight of the weekend was when Amber got married
and I got to wear (coughshowoffcough) this dress:
It's the dress I made specifically to wear to Amber's wedding. I am mighty thrilled with how it turned out. I would go one, but it deserves it's own post so I will go into more detail on that later.


cl said...

Oh I love your dress! And Nova Scotia looks gorgeous!

janul said...

This is gorgeous, I haven´t seen it on Burda style, will you share it there too? :)

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