Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Built By Grace Dress

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Here is my latest instant gratification project! It seems to be the only kind of project I cam able to actually finish these days. Even now I have a stack of garments that are all 99% done and lack only buttons or a bit of embroidery. Silly me. I am such a sucker for the quick and colorful, but who can blame me?

This is the Simplicity 2865, Built by You, Jersey dress.
I found the fabric on 39th street at my favorite LFS and it cost $4 a yard for 60 wide cotton jersey. I fell in love with the fabric immediately and that is always a good sign. Sure enough, 48 hours after purchase, this sweet and simple shift was complete. My only pattern mod was to lengthen the torso 1". I also used the serger to apply the bindings in one pass. There are more pics on my flikr page for interested eyes.


Alicia Celeste said...

LOVE that fabric!!!

Unknown said...

WOW. That looks easy enough for even me! Any leads on where I could get the pattern?

You are awesome, BTW.

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