Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday Night Knits

I rushed home on Friday to finish up my first Ravelympics project. 

Pattern: Twinkle Shopping Tunic
Yarn: 4 Skeins Lion Brand Thick & Quick; Color: Plum
Needles: Sz 17 Circulars
Team Hopelessly Over Committed, Event WIP Wrestling

I modified the Gauge to fit my yarn. After swatching and some damn math, I used a stitch multiplier of 1.25. That ended up meaning that I could follow the largest size as given in the VK Holiday 2005 version of this sweater. The VK pattern says to knit the first 4 rows in garter, which I did and I like because it doesn't curl at the bottom and you almost can't see it. I also omitted the pockets since I have enough bulk around the tummy (working on that). Other than that, I followed the directions as written in the book. 

So as soon as I finished the cowl and wove in all the ends I threw it on  (I don't look like a cow in it! JOY!) grabbed my camera and headed for the fire escape for some natural light and a self styled photo shoot. 

Everyone's a critic.

Then, I realized I was late for my date so I threw on a dress, inconveniently forgot a sweater and jumped on the N to Coney Island. My next Ravelympics project came with me, but more on that another time.

I met up with the Boy at Nathan's were my newest favorite guilty pleasure is the Lobster Sandwich. Seriously,  since they started listing the calories of everything it is incredibly easy to make the "healthy" choice. Besides, when was the last time I had a $6 lobster sandwich? Yum.
So while we were downing our extra large Killians (so much for healthy) we were pleasantly surprised by fireworks! I had no idea they are doing fireworks this year. It thought that all the development talk might have put an end to it and I haven't heard anything otherwise. The boy and I will definitely have to come back again before the end of the month for more. Next we played a round of Shoot-the-Star and then headed over to the Wonder Wheel (no pics - oops).

Should your future need divining. She's waiting by the Wonder Wheel. 
Incidentally, it's the Wonder Wheel's 88th birthday this year. 
Another Ravelympics project - my 2nd Spring Forward Sock. Team Hopelessly-Over- Committed, for Event Wip Wrestling. YES, I always carry 2 projects with me at all times. Variety is the spice of life.

And lastly, what's thrilling, costs a dollar, and "don't GITMO better" ??


juicyknits said...

With "only" 3 projects I feel like I'm doing lightweight for Ravelympics. Your shopping tunic turned out great!

cl said...

Love your photos; love coney island; love your tunic! Thanks for your tip about the lobster rolls! I LOVE lobster--those sound great (and cheap!)


erngrn said...

i love that tunic!!! i want to make one of those real bad!

that pretty little breakfast came from my kitchen!

i gotta make it to cooney island this year, i hear it might not be around much longer.


Karen J said...

I'm very impressed with all your projects. After reading your blog Sunday night I got inspired and started my own the very next day. Thanks for visiting already and for being the first to post a comment.

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